Better Pizza, Better Profits…Pizza Hut and Digiorno Take A Slice Out Of Papa John’s


Yesterday, Papa John’s Founder, John SchnatterΒ blamed the NFL’s leadership and protests byΒ  players for pizza sales taking a landslide decline.

Competitor Pizza Hut said it saw no decline.

So what’s really going on?!

The Pizza Hut and Digiorno Pizza Social Media Team, THAT’S what’s going on!

It didn’t take long for two of Papa’s John’s biggest competitors to take some jabs at the brand via Twitter last night, Papa John’s joined in and replied too, but they didn’t have a leg to stand on with both Pizza Hut and Digiorno pulling the pan out from underneath their pizza.

This is all a STELLAR example of a large brand levering Social Media.

Here’s how it all went down…

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