Why DJ Khaled’s Snapchat is WINNING : 3 Things You Can Learn

Have you heard about “THEY”? If not, then you’re probably not following DJ Khaled on Snapchat.

I’m not sure if Khaled has made Snapchat more famous or if Snapchat has made Khaled not only relevant again, but to a brand new demographic. Who are they? KIDS! Ages 7-14 are HYPER-CONNECTED, specifically on Snapchat.


But are they the only demographic on the Snap? Absolutely not, Snapchat chat is quickly gaining popularity with a wide variety in it’s current demographic. Large brand have engaged Snapchat to create large, custom Snapchat Story campaigns for them to tell their story in quick, Snaps and snipits of the story they are telling.

DJ Khaled has started his own revolution on Snapchat by creating his own “Keys to Success” and sharing them with his followers. He works every angle of his day into communicating with his audience. It’s starts in the morning with him waking up and taking his elevator downstairs to the kitchen in which he encourages his followers to “Walk with Me”, “let’s see” as he enters the kitchen and shouts to his personal Chef, “Chef Dee, what’s for breakfast”


The struggle of the hustle is no secret in the Khaled’s Snaps, he reminds followers that the hustle is real and that “THEY” don’t want you to succeed. He also constantly reminds his followers that “everything is going to work” etc as a means of encouragement.

In addition to DJ Khaled dominating Snapchat, he’s also crushing the retail space at where we sells a variety of shirts, sandals referred to as “Slides”. sweatshirts that read “WE THE BEST” and several other “Khaledims”

As if things weren’t already obvious that Khladen is in fact “on one” he recently signed with Jay-Z’s record label ‘Roc Nation‘ making Jay, DJ Khaled’s manager.

So here are 3 things you can learn from DJ Khaled’s use of Snapchat:

  1. People want a sneak peek behind the current. Snapchat provides an easy and authentic way to do that.
  2. You can leverage the following you built on Snapchat, to sell your products and/or services.
  3. Snapchat is yet another opportunity to build your own Media Empire, that your brand controls.

If you’re not currently using Snapchat, that needs to change, immediately, and be sure to follow yours truly (just download Snapchat, and take a pic of my Snap code below from within Snapchat)


LEARN How to Blab! The ULTIMATE Resource Guide

I was casually scrolling through a new Blab community on Facebook called Nation and came across this AWESOME resource for new and existing Blab.IM users put together by Lela Perez (be sure to follow her)

Check ‘The Blablet‘ out here =>

In case you missed the memo because you are still trying to spell Periscope correctly (yes, this whole live streaming a video from your smartphone is only 6 months old, SIX!) is a platform similiar to those that were first to market (Meerkat and Periscope) but the BIG difference with Blab is the interactive aspect, the ability to have people join you LIVE in a ‘seat’ during your broadcast is POWERFUL stuff. The opportunity to connect w/ a new AND existing audience through the platform can make a HUGE difference with how you communicate with your audience online!

New to

Simply download the smartphone app (iPhone users only) OR log in online at

Social Media SUCKS Scope EPISODE 1 w/ Sebastian Rusk


This is my BRAND NEW show on Periscope, called the ‘Social Media SUCKS Scope!’

The mobile app that allows you to LIVE stream video from your smartphone or device!

Produced via Periscope: production

WTF is Meerkat App?! : How to use the hottest livestreaming video app

Talk about capturing the moment, add ‘real-time’ to that phrase now. According to the Wall Street Journal, Meerkat App registered 15,000 users in the first week of their launch

Roughly 17 days ago, Meerkat took the digital space by storm, one live video stream at a time. If you think back over the past 25 years, there have been several momumental moments in history that were caught by reporters, journalists, and photographers alike.

Today history is still happening on a daily basis, but the only difference is that we now have the opportunity to capture it has it happens or in real-time thanks to technology like live streaming video.

Livestreaming is nothing new, Meerkat, is an extremely simply iPhone app, that makes streaming live video even easier.

Meerkat links with Twitter accounts, allowing one person on one side of the phone, stream a live video feed of whatever they choose, or a video selfie of course.

How do you use? It’s quite simple:

  1. Download the Meerkat App.
  2. Sign up by logging in with your Twitter account.
  3. You can either “Stream” right away or ‘Schedule’ a stream for a later time.
  4. Aaaaaand you’re LIVE!

Once you’re live, you’ll see how many people are joining your stream because their profile pic will show at the top of your screen as well as a running count of viewers. Viewers can ‘like’, ReTweet and comment on your stream. All comments posted to the stream are sent as tweets as well. After your livestream is over, Meerkat App gives you the option to save the video archive. This can be used for future content, event recaps, etc.

Like any social platform, there are rules! Here are The Rules of Meerkat:


“[Meerkat has] been very effective for me,” says Gary Vaynerchuk, an Internet personality and entrepreneur whose use of social media and viral video has netted him more than 1.3 million Twitter followers. Vaynerchuk has used Meerkat to broadcast behind-the-scenes peeks of his YouTube programThe #AskGaryVee Show. When you use Meerkat to share video, it automatically tweets a message that says you’re broadcasting live, with a link people can click to watch.



(photo cred:

On recent quote via, my buddy Gary Vaynerchuk has this to say about the relevant use and rapid growth of Meerkat App – “Within a few minutes, 500 to 800 people are watching me live, at any given time,” says Vaynerchuck. “That is insanity, if you think about it . . . and don’t forget, I am a 39-year-old male who talks about business, so my demo isn’t the most native to this.”

Gatorade Steals The Show As They Bid Farewell to Derek Jeter

Gatorade NAILS IT with thier epic 90-second farewell and salute to Yankees superstar Derek Jeter.

Gatorade’s consumer engagement team, showed Adweek a preview of the commercial, which shows Jeter surprising fans outside Yankee Stadium to the tune of Sinatra’s “My Way.” <= GENIUS!

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