[REPLAY] Social Media For Realtors – Social Media and Real Estate Training

This is a training that Social Media Strategist, Sebastian Rusk delivered to a real estate office here in Miami.

Social Media For Realtors – Social Media and Real Estate w/ Sebastian Rusk covers the Top 5 things every Realtor should know in 2016.

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What if we treated LinkedIn like Facebook?

It’s 2014 (almost 2015) and it is beyond clear that our culture is officially “digitally addicted” – the average person is never more than 3 feet away from their smartphone at any given time, 3 FEET! Now if that was a newborn or infant I would completely understand but A PHONE?

Most people check Facebook before they even roll out of bed in the morning, yes, before coffee. When did all of that change? The answer is about 10 years ago. These platforms were created to enable us to share our lives with our friends and family, the double-edge part of that equation is that we are dependant on being “in the know”. Why? It’s too easy not to be.

Now picture this, imagine if we put as much effort into LinkedIn as we currently do to Facebook. Imagine your feet hitting the floor every morning and the first think you did was scroll through your LinkedIn stream to see what your contacts were up to. Liking, commenting, sharing and interacting with your B2B people, (which in some cases are your friends as well).

What is the difference with the interaction?

Is it the content? Is it that Facebook is viewed as so “PERSONAL” to us?

Is it that we view our LinkedIn network from “BUSINESS ONLY” perspective?

What would it look like if we put some thought into how we could “strategically” interact with our LinkedIn contacts in an effort to grow our businesses and/or achieve our sales goals as reprensentative of a brand.

You’re spending time online anyway, so why not take the productive approach?

Here are 5 few examples of how you can:

  1. Prospecting! What type of new contacts are you currently seeking for your business or the business you represent? Are you already connected to these people?
  2. Share content! What type of content can you share with your existing LinkeIN network that would spark their interest? (Blog posts, LinkedIN posts, business related memes, etc)
  3. Ask for favors! People want to help. Dropping an existing connection a quick message (which gets emailed to them as well) is a great way to get help!
  4. Connect elsewhere! Find out where else your LinkedIn contacts are connected online. Twitter is a great medium to connect and it’s not as ‘personal’ as connecting on Facebook (which I think will change, very soon) and it allows for instant converation. Most Twitter users have an app installed to notify them of new Twitter mentions, messages, etc.
  5. Email them! Import your LinkedIn contacts into your email database and drop that new list a quick email to say hello, NOT to SPAM!

Take heed to these 5 tips and I’m confident you’ll be treating LinkedIn like Facebook in no time!

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5 Myths About Facebook’s Messenger App

The option of using the Facebook ‘Messenger’ app is no longer an option. As last week in order to send and recieve messages via Facebook you download the additional app. As usual most Facebook users are up in arms about privacy concerns, etc.

USA Today recently published a post that highlights 5 myths that simple are not true about the app’s privacy settings.

Check out the entire post here:


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Deco Bike gets it when it comes to Social Media

Local businesses that advertise via traditional outlets should take note on Deco Bike and their excellent execution of tying social/digital media into their product, service and brand. They make it easy for people using their product to INSTANTLY connect with them and stay in touch with them.

From an interactive link to a QR Code that brings people to, which is an interactive website that acts as a guide/brochere with deals, things to do, special offers, etc, to any and all social links associated with the Deco Bike brand.


In addtion to being able to connect with customers and keep in touch with them as they consume the Deco Bike product, integrating social into traditional advertising spaces allows people who are NOT your customers currently, the opporunity to learn more about  you and it increases the chances of gaining them as a new customer.

Consumers alike expect your brand to go above and beyond with social media. They want to instantly connect with you and learn more about what you do. Don’t make it difficult for the process to take place. Make sure that you give people a clear, precise call to action on how they can connect with you. Once you have them in your eco-system if you’re providing valuable content and acting as a resource for them, they will stay, and if they’re satisfied they will tell their friends, family, neighbors and people they know about you.

Now THAT’s Social Media.