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Sebastian Rusk joins the Orate, an online marketplace for Social Media Speakers


I’m stoked to be added to the list of Social Media speakers.

Orate is an online marketplace that helps event organizers and public speakers more easily find one another. Organizers can find the perfect speaker, meeting both their event’s needs & budget.

Check out my Social Media Speaker Bio here:

Google Doodle Celebrates the 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express

Google is celebrating the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express today, by creating an addictively interactive game aka “Doodle” that is currently running (literally) on‘s home page.

For those of us too young to recall what in the world the ‘Pony Express’ is, our friends over at Wikipedia describe it as: “The Pony Express was a mail service delivering messages, newspapers, mail, and small packages from St. Joseph, Missouri, across the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada to Sacramento, California, by horseback, using a series of relay stations. During its 18 months of operation, it reduced the time for messages to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to about 10 days.[1] From April 3, 1860, to October 1861, it became the West’s most direct means of east–west communication before the telegraph was established and was vital for tying the new state ofCalifornia with the rest of the United States.”

FUN FACT: Here’s how it was created…

Social Media Facts You Should Know in 2015

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, Social Media isn’t slowing down, in fact, in my humble opinion, we are just getting started. The growth in which digital platorms have evolved over the past 10 years are absolutely staggering.

Jeff Bullas recently wrote a post about the 33 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2015, I HIGHLY reccomend scrolling through that article and making sure you are in the know.

You can read that post here:

[REPLAY] Sebastian Rusk’s #SocialMediaSUCKS LIVE Book Signing at Books & Books

Check out the [REPLAY] of the LIVE stream that was cast last night thanks to our friends at Books & Books! BIG thanks to my friends at Yelp Miami for being a sponsor!

[RECAP] Traffic & Conversions Summit 2015

Fear of Public Speaking – Webinar [REPLAY]

Today I hosted a long anticipated webinar on the fear of public speaking. This idea came about because of countless people sharing with me how much they are in fact PETRIFIED of speaking publicly.

I believe that fear is all in ones head and once you figure out why the fear exists in the firs place you can move on to being the brilliant public speaker you were born to be!

Check out the webinar [REPLAY] here:

[VIDEO] Sebastian Rusk – Event Emcee, Host, Social Media Speaker

Who’s the Emcee, Host and/or Social Media Speaker for YOUR next event?

What if we treated LinkedIn like Facebook?

It’s 2014 (almost 2015) and it is beyond clear that our culture is officially “digitally addicted” – the average person is never more than 3 feet away from their smartphone at any given time, 3 FEET! Now if that was a newborn or infant I would completely understand but A PHONE?

Most people check Facebook before they even roll out of bed in the morning, yes, before coffee. When did all of that change? The answer is about 10 years ago. These platforms were created to enable us to share our lives with our friends and family, the double-edge part of that equation is that we are dependant on being “in the know”. Why? It’s too easy not to be.

Now picture this, imagine if we put as much effort into LinkedIn as we currently do to Facebook. Imagine your feet hitting the floor every morning and the first think you did was scroll through your LinkedIn stream to see what your contacts were up to. Liking, commenting, sharing and interacting with your B2B people, (which in some cases are your friends as well).

What is the difference with the interaction?

Is it the content? Is it that Facebook is viewed as so “PERSONAL” to us?

Is it that we view our LinkedIn network from “BUSINESS ONLY” perspective?

What would it look like if we put some thought into how we could “strategically” interact with our LinkedIn contacts in an effort to grow our businesses and/or achieve our sales goals as reprensentative of a brand.

You’re spending time online anyway, so why not take the productive approach?

Here are 5 few examples of how you can:

  1. Prospecting! What type of new contacts are you currently seeking for your business or the business you represent? Are you already connected to these people?
  2. Share content! What type of content can you share with your existing LinkeIN network that would spark their interest? (Blog posts, LinkedIN posts, business related memes, etc)
  3. Ask for favors! People want to help. Dropping an existing connection a quick message (which gets emailed to them as well) is a great way to get help!
  4. Connect elsewhere! Find out where else your LinkedIn contacts are connected online. Twitter is a great medium to connect and it’s not as ‘personal’ as connecting on Facebook (which I think will change, very soon) and it allows for instant converation. Most Twitter users have an app installed to notify them of new Twitter mentions, messages, etc.
  5. Email them! Import your LinkedIn contacts into your email database and drop that new list a quick email to say hello, NOT to SPAM!

Take heed to these 5 tips and I’m confident you’ll be treating LinkedIn like Facebook in no time!

[POLL:] How are YOU using LinkedIn vs Facebook?

Comment below!



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We’re Not Ready For Social Media Yet!

Wait, what?! You do realize that it’s 2014, correct? My buddy Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, Social Media is over-throwing governments in the Middle-East, do you really have the audacity to think it’s not affecting your business?” That statement in and of itself can help anyone better understand that the digital age has arrived.

I constantly find myself in conversations with brand managers and business owners who insist on trying to convince me that social is not part of their digital pie, yet. The truth is there is no ‘perfect’ time for a brand to become social. Social Media is where the conversation is currently happening and where people are sharing their daily lives, one post, tweet and like at a time.

In my book, “Social Media SUCKS (If you don’t know what you’re doing)” I talk a lot about Social being the opportunity to become the “go-to” source for what you do. It’s an opportunity to create a level of value that strikes an emotional cord with the person consuming it, which then further motivates them to remain engaged with your brand. Yes, it is about emotion. It’s about how you make people feel.

If you think about the brands you choose to engage with, think for a minute about how their content makes you feel. How does it register with your emotions? Good, bad or sad, the content creates a level of interest which motivates you to remain engaged with that brand.

What kind of content can you share with your community that will educate them about your brand, and more importantly, make them feel good about themselves.

If you’re in the “not ready for social media yet” category, I STRONGLY encourage you to re-think your thought process and a dig a bit deeper to better understand why Social Media has taken a backseat. Is it the learning curve? It’s more than okay if that is the case, that seems to be the status quo for most, this stuff is brand new, it didn’t exist 10 years ago. Remember, a confused mind always says NO! My advice is to not worry about being ‘good’ at social media, worry more about getting into the race and running it. This stuff isn’t slowing down, in fact it’s getting faster as you read this.

The time will never be right, the time is NOW!

If not now, when?

“The goal is not to be good at Social Media, the goal is to be good at business because of Social Media.”Jay Baer