Philly’s Transit Service SEPTA Gets Social Media, Here’s Why…

I’m not sure what the other major cities are waiting for, but they definitely need to folllow suit with Pennsylvania’s SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) social media efforts. They TOTALLY get it.

They use Social Media, Twitter specifically, as a customer service tool (as ALL brands should) – they keep riders informed of out of service trains, delays, etc. My favorite is that they LISTEN!

Imagine that! A large brand listening to it’s customers!

I first made contact with SEPTA’s social team after checking in at one of their train stations when heading out of town last year in Philly. It was just simple ‘hello’ and ‘thanks for riding with us’ – that meant A LOT! How so?

There are several transportation options from the airport in Philly, UBER, Taxi Cab, Car Service, yet I only want to take the train. It’s cost effective, there is NO TRAFFIC and hey, I might strike up another fun conversation with the SEPTA social team.

I’m headed back to Philly this Wednesday to speak at the EO NERVE Conference and was curious which train I should take to my hotel from the airport. SEPTA responded almost immediately on Twitter with an answer and also thanked me profusely and told me to have a great.


Social Media SUCKS, but SEPTA does NOT! Next time you’re in Philly, be sure to catch a train with them! They definitely get you where you want to go!

Well done SEPTA! You guys it!

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