How To Network Using Social Media w/ Daven Michaels

Networking has been around forever and a day, but how we network in 2015 is WAY easier than how we networked in 1950, agreed?

We are HYPER connected to just about anyone we choose these days. One of my favorite things to do is see a post from a contact of mine informing me that they are in town (Miami) and if I’m available, I almost always reach out and extend an offer to meet up and 9 times out 10 it works out.

10 years ago we actually had to pick up the telephone or send an email in hopes to connect with someone on a specific day. Today we still pick up the phone, but it’s to send a Text message and/or Instant Message. There’s never been a more exciting time to be alive or in business. Being hyper connected allows us to connect with people 365/24/7.

This past week I noticed via a Facebook post that my friend Daven Michaels was in town speaking at my good friend Michelle Villalobos’ Superstar Speaker Academy here in Miami. I had connected with Daven via Facebook through a mutual earlier this year, but we had not had the chance to connect in person yet. I messaged Daven on Facebook inquirying about when he would be done speaking and he got right back to me and said he would connect for a coffee shortly after he was done so we slotted a time to meet up, which turned into an airport ride/meeting. I like to refer to this as ‘win/win’ networking.

Here’s the quick video that Daven and I shot while at an extra long red light in route to the airport:


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