The Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How and where to use them

How many countless times have you unsuccessfully tried to explain what a hashtag is to someone? Or better yet, maybe you’re reading this and thinking, I still have NO CLUE what that pound sign thingy is, why it does or why people even use them.

Buffer wrote a recent post on “A Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How Many, Which Ones, and Where to Use Them…

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Erik Qualman’s #SocialNomics 2014 [VIDEO]

#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman is the fifth version of the most watched video series on Social Media. Qualman is a #1 best selling author and keynote speaker on digital leadership. The video was produced by Equalman Studios. Source data for the statistics in the video is available in the book Socialnomics (sold on Amazon) | @equalman


[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Sebastian Rusk Releases “Social Media Sucks” Book

Sebastian Rusk Releases “Social Media Sucks” Book (via PRWeb)

Sebastian Rusk shares his own journey of how he created a brand from nothing more than a flipcam, bus pass and social media. Rusk is the author of “Social Media Sucks! (If you don’t know what you are doing.) Sebastian Rusk launches his first book ‘More…

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