President Obama Takes Over ‘The Word’ on The Colbert Report

President Barack Obama hosted Stephen Colbert’s popular segment “The Word” on The Colbert Report.

The #SocialMediaSUCKS If Show : Episode 2 – Digiorno Pizza, CVS and Arby’s!

The #SocialMediaSUCKS If Show : Episode 2! This week we’re chatting about#BrandFails while remember 9/11 and we’re talking brands that do NOT suck like Arby’s during the 2014 Grammy’s!

Check it below!

ESPN Moves Into South Beach’s Clevelander Hotel

Host of Highly Questionable, Dan Le Batard, his father, Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard, and Bomani Jones will no longer offer their humorous – and sometimes controversial – take on the hot sports topics of the day from a 1950s Miami kitchen. Instead, they will be on a colorful new set, with a window behind the panelists offering a South Beach view of palm trees, sand and surf.

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Sopranos Creator David Chase Ends Series Based On Poe’s “Dream Within a Dream.”

So everyone wants to know the REAL truth behind the final scene of The Sopranos last episode, in the now famous ‘deli scene‘ that fades to black. The entire thought process behind Chases approach with the final scene is all based on Edger Allen Poe’s “Dream Within a Dream.”

Here’s a post on how it breaks down here: