Deco Bike gets it when it comes to Social Media

Local businesses that advertise via traditional outlets should take note on Deco Bike and their excellent execution of tying social/digital media into their product, service and brand. They make it easy for people using their product to INSTANTLY connect with them and stay in touch with them.

From an interactive link to a QR Code that brings people to, which is an interactive website that acts as a guide/brochere with deals, things to do, special offers, etc, to any and all social links associated with the Deco Bike brand.


In addtion to being able to connect with customers and keep in touch with them as they consume the Deco Bike product, integrating social into traditional advertising spaces allows people who are NOT your customers currently, the opporunity to learn more about  you and it increases the chances of gaining them as a new customer.

Consumers alike expect your brand to go above and beyond with social media. They want to instantly connect with you and learn more about what you do. Don’t make it difficult for the process to take place. Make sure that you give people a clear, precise call to action on how they can connect with you. Once you have them in your eco-system if you’re providing valuable content and acting as a resource for them, they will stay, and if they’re satisfied they will tell their friends, family, neighbors and people they know about you.

Now THAT’s Social Media.