Social Media SUCKS Scope EPISODE 1 w/ Sebastian Rusk

  This is my BRAND NEW show on Periscope, called the ‘Social Media SUCKS Scope!’ The mobile app that allows you to LIVE stream video from your smartphone or device! Produced via Periscope: a production

[STATS] Social Media in 2014

Not too long ago, it was said that Facebook was struggling with attracting that of the younger generation as most prefer an ‘alternative’ to Facebook. Twitter is apparently struggling with a stock price plummet. Here are some actual statistics to … Continue reading

We’re Not Ready For Social Media Yet!

Wait, what?! You do realize that it’s 2014, correct? My buddy Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, “Social Media is over-throwing governments in the Middle-East, do you really have the audacity to think it’s not affecting your business?” That statement in and of itself can help … Continue reading