[PODCAST] Jairek And Amanda Robbins LIVE IT!

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On this episode we caught with our friends Jairek and Amanda Robbins who are INCREDIBLE examples of how to ” LIVE IT”! They share their story of finding each other, love and worldly travel adventures!

Be sure to connect with them => JairekRobbins.com

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[PODCAST] Sean Stephenson on how Social Media saved his life


This episode I sit down with my buddy Sean Stephenson. I’d be typing for the rest of the year if I tried to describe how rad this dude is! A few months back Sean had a near detail accident happen, social media was the only thing he clung to during it all. Listen in to how it all went down.

ATTENTION SPEAKERS! Sean is having a speaker event next month in beautiful Sedona, AZ! It’s a MUST! Details are here:seanstephenson.com/10k

Lewis Howes sits down with DJ Irie at The School of Greatness

If you don’t know already, DJ Irie is one of the most humble, kind individuals you will ever meet. He recently sat down with my buddy Lewis Howes on The School of Greatness podcast.

As if Irie wasn’t inspiration enough, his story will encourage you just that much more! Congrats on all of your on going success Irie, you deserve every ounce of it, it’s a privilege to call you a friend.

The #SocialMediaSUCKS If Show : Episode 2 – Digiorno Pizza, CVS and Arby’s!

The #SocialMediaSUCKS If Show : Episode 2! This week we’re chatting about#BrandFails while remember 9/11 and we’re talking brands that do NOT suck like Arby’s during the 2014 Grammy’s!

Check it below!

Bryan Kramer Interviews Sebastian Rusk on his new book


Good times with my buddy Bryan Kramer for his podcast!

Check out the episode here:

BK podcast