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Social Media Event Marketing : Here’s What You Need To Do

Have you ever hosted a party and promoted it to all of your Facebook friends? If you answered ‘yes,’ that’s social media event marketing, but it’s not just inviting your friends and hoping they’ll ‘Join’. Social media is a VITAL part of how attendees experience your event, and if you’re a marketer, that could mean lots of new opportunities to maximize your marketing strategy.

Hootsuite wrong an AWESOME post recently that gives you a detailed blueprint on how to leverage social media marketing at your next event:

Read the entire post here: http://bit.ly/1rdej5k

[VIDEO] Sebastian Rusk – Event Emcee, Host, Social Media Speaker

Who’s the Emcee, Host and/or Social Media Speaker for YOUR next event?

Social Media Event ‘#SocialFresh EAST’ moves to Orlando for 2014

If you currently handle Social Media for your company OR you are a business owner that is currently handling your own Social Media then this conference is a MUST!

I’ve been affiliated with SocialFresh for the past 3 years and I’ve been to 4 events on each coast and I must say, every time I walk away “refreshed” (pun intended) with new knowledge and a better understanding of Social Media!

This event always sells out, so don’t delay. It’s practically in the neighborhood, just 4 short hours north in Orlando on Thursday 07/18-19!

Grab your ticket TODAY => http://bit.ly/SFEast2014

Use promocode: SocialMediaSUCKS for 10% OFF your seat!

Social Media is no longer a “should” it is now a “MUST” – the important thing to think about is how much business you may be losing out on by NOT using social to tell the story about your brand, it’s VITAL!

Word of mouth is at an all time high, peer reccomendations drive buying decisions and social media only amplifies that process.

Hope you’re having an incredibly productive day!

Why the Miami Heat ‘get it’ when it comes to Social Media

Once again our reigning NBA World Champion Miami Heat are blazing the playoff in route to what will hopefully result in another ring and another World Champion trophy. It’s no mystery, it feels great to be a resident of Miami and proud Miami Heat fan!

Yesterday morning as I saw a post from my good friend and the Miami Heat’s own Uptown Dale, I quickly searched the ever so friendly app Seat Geek and found a pair tickets within reason, I grabbed them immediately. My 13 year old daughter has been asking to go to a game and what a better time than the playoffs for a Daddy/Daughter date!

Shortly after purchasing the tickets I posted on Facebook and Twitter that I was going to being surprising my little princess and to my surpise the Miami Heat replied to my tweet and asked for my section and seat numbers as they “want to drop some goodies off for us” – all I could do was smile. What an incredible example of a LARGE brand ‘getting it’ when comes to social media.

The Heat clearly understand that their fans are what the franchise is all about and social media now enables you to connect with those fans instantaneously and do things like give people something when they say something nice about you. You can resolve issues, say thank you or share content directly with those that are already in your fan base.

The moral of this story is, Twitter works.

A HUGE thanks my friends at the Miami Heat for their kind gesture at yesterday’s game. We had a blast and to top it off we came home with a Miami Heat WIN for Game 1!

Let’s Go HEAT!