Twitter Now Lets You Listen to iTunes, SoundCloud Tracks

There’s a beat now included in your Twitter feed.

Yesterday Twitter launched the new audio feature that allows you to click on tracks and listen to the music while scrolling through thousands of tweets without being uninterrupted.


In addition, Twitter has partnerted with Apple to let users listen to certain tracks and buy the music directly from the iTunes store, but Twitter won’t get a cut of the purchase, said a person familiar with the matter.

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Apple Announces Apple Watch

This morning Apple introduced three collections of their brand new Apple Watch just after revealing the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Watch price will start at $349 and it will be available in early 2015. (Sorry 2014 Christmas hopefuls) Minimum requirements include, iPhone models 5 and newer, this means 200 million people can already use the device, Cook said. In addition to the watch announcement, the newly introduced payment system Apple Pay will work with the watch.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook teased the highly-anticipated watch with founder Steve Jobs’ signature “one more thing” introduction, to a standing ovation.

Cook explained that the watch is a customizable timepiece.

“Because you wear it, we invented new intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from your wrist and it works seamlessly with iPhone,” Cook said. “And it’s also a comprehensive health and fitness device.”

Cook explained that the device’s extra functionality can be controlled with the digital crown, explaining that the “pinch to zoom” gesture covers the content and obstructs your view.

“It just doesn’t work,” Cook added.